Jewish families struggling in Italy & Spain | The Jewish AgencyJewish families struggling in Italy and Spain
Decorated Menorah in Venice, Italy

Jewish families struggling in Italy and Spain


The Jewish communities in Italy and Spain have been hit harder by the pandemic than anywhere else

The Levi* family, who live in Milan, is just one example of Jews in dire need. Silvio, their father, is 40 years old. He has not been employed in some time due to a disability. When he feels well enough, he works as an Uber driver to support his wife and three children.
Jewish Quarter in Venice, Italy

Now in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, he is not even able to drive customers because everything is shutdown.

He and his wife struggle every day to put food on the table for their children. They receive help from their extended family, but not enough to make ends meet.

The Jewish Agency for Israel has long been helping Jews around the world to ensure they’re safe and connected. As the holiday of Passover grows near, Jews in these communities need your help. The Jewish Agency urgently needs to provide Passover packages to families like the Levis across Italy and Spain. These packages include food for the holiday, basic supplies and the cost of package delivery.

*Names have been changed to protect the family’s privacy.

Jews in hardest coronavirus-hit communities need your support now more than ever.

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