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The Unbelievable Aliyah Stories of Ethiopian Jews

The Unbelievable Aliyah Stories of Ethiopian Jews
When Ethiopian Jews were being oppressed in their country in the 1970s, thousands of them fled on foot to Sudan, braving extremely harsh conditions, to wait to get into Israel

Benny and his family

Between 1980-1985, these Ethiopians traveled thousands of miles in what we now call Operation Brothers, but 4,000 perished on the way.

Benny Goshen came to Israel from Ethiopia in 1989 at the age of five and a half, after a long and dangerous journey through the desert to the Sudanese border. He now serves as the Program Director for Story of a Journey at the Israeli Association of Community Centers. Story of a Journey was founded in 2015 to tell the story of Ethiopian Aliyah. In this new video, Benny shares his own incredible and moving story.