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Ulpan Etzion

Ra’anana Campus

The Ulpan Etzion Ra’anana Absorption Center is conveniently located in Ra’anana, a flourishing city north of Tel Aviv that attracts native Israelis and immigrants from around the world.

The campus offers preparation for professional licensing examinations in law, accounting and the health professions.
The program also offers a unique employment course, in partnership with Gvahim, which has promotes the integration of college-graduate olim into Israel’s work force.



The program accepts 60 participants for each five-month program cycle. It is open to immigrants aged 22-35 who hold college degrees. Both singles and couples are eligible, without children. Preference is given to medical professionals, lawyers and accountants.



The Ra’anana Absorption Center offers one- and two-bedroom apartments, each with a kitchenette, bathroom, and basic furnishings. Singles share apartments, with two occupants per room. Couples live in studio apartments. The center also includes a recreation room, lounge and classrooms for ulpan.



The five month course begins in March and September.



The costs below include tuition for ulpan and the employment course, as well as housing and all social and cultural activities. Food is not included.

Singles: NIS 5,000 per person. This includes electricity, water and gas as long as usage is less than 100 NIS per month per person.

Married couples: NIS 10,000 per couple. Couples are responsible for their own electricity, water and gas bills.


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