Youth at risk during the coronavirus crisis | The Jewish AgencyYouth at risk during the coronavirus crisis
Elisheva, a Ramat Hadassah Youth Village resident, preparing a meal

Youth at risk during the coronavirus crisis


Meet 17-year-old Elisheva from Holon in central Israel

A few years ago, she was taken out of her home and brought to live in a Jewish Agency for Israel youth village, which is a residential campus for Israeli children
who can no longer live with their families. Today, the Ramat Hadassah Youth Village is Elisheva’s only home, and she has no relationship with either of her parents.

Normally, Elisheva would enjoy home hospitality with a local family to celebrate Shabbat and Jewish holidays outside of Ramat Hadassah.

But now during the coronavirus pandemic, she cannot leave the youth village at all.

With schools closed, The Jewish Agency staff at Ramat Hadassah are trying to keep up a regular schedule for Elisheva and the many other teens and pre-teens who remain on youth village campuses. The goal is to maintain a routine for the kids, make sure they’re keeping up with their schoolwork, keep morale as high as possible, and provide avenues for therapy, leisure time and exercise.

Most of us rely on our families for emotional and physical support during a crisis like the current pandemic. Elisheva has only Ramat Hadassah.

Elisheva and other children and teens like her need to know they are safe... that there are staff to take care of them around the clock and ensure their sense of security.

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