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In November 2020,

The Jewish Agency launched JReady, a worldwide Jewish Emergency Network, to help communities dealing with new challenges as a result of the pandemic. In just a few short months, with the collaboration of local and global partners, JReady quickly established itself as a highly effective operational model for crisis response and communal resilience.

Since its launch, JReady has fostered 120+ global engagements across 35 countries, reaching numerous Jewish communities, organizations and institutions.

Designed by diverse crisis management experts, JReady immediately began assisting community leaders and organizations with emergency preparedness training, crisis response and recovery, and more, to ensure the long-term resilience of our global Jewish family.

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“This initiative embodies the Jewish value of mutual responsibility, sharing the know-how acquired in Israel and global communities for the benefit of us all,” said Amira Ahronoviz, Director General and CEO of The Jewish Agency.

“JReady is another layer of the global network that The Jewish Agency is building to strengthen ties between Israel and Jewish communities worldwide.”

JReady participants work together to ensure the long-term resilience of global Jewish communities.
JReady participants work together to ensure the long-term resilience of global Jewish communities.

When the Athens Jewish community was struggling to deal with the pandemic, Taly Mair, the community’s director, was referred to the JReady platform for assistance.

“We saw that there was a lot of useful information for us and realized that we are not alone,” said Taly. “It is essential when you are in a crisis situation to know that there are people who went through this already and are a step ahead of you.”

“With JReady’s vital resources, The Jewish Agency really made the concept of ‘all Jews being responsible for one another’ into reality.”

Thanks to JReady, the Athens community began using Tribu, an Israeli app that helps coordinate and connect volunteers. The app was modified for use in Greek and was utilized by volunteers who made grocery and medicine deliveries for the elderly, and made organizing other volunteer activities easier.

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Photo courtesy of Taly
Photo courtesy of Taly

Within JReady’s first few months, 20 initiatives were implemented, from crisis management courses to technological solutions for the mobilization of volunteers.

Jarred Abelson, Head of Finance & Group Services at the Union of Orthodox Synagogues of South Africa, participated in an 11-week training program for community leaders in times of crisis through JReady, conducted in partnership with Tel Aviv University Department for Crisis Management. The program’s weekly three-hour Zoom classes led by Israeli academics covered subjects including decision-making and crisis management, family and communal emergency plans, crisis communications, assisting vulnerable and unique populations, mental health and more.

Participants in the program came from diverse groups and denominations across the South African Jewish community, growing close connections between organizations they otherwise wouldn’t have and establishing a foundation for future cooperation.

“The course has given our community managers a framework and invaluable step-by-step guidance on how to deal with a crisis,” said Jarred. “We have made so many connections with fellow sister organizations whom we never engaged with in the past.”

“We all brainstorm about what we are doing, and there has been a lot of interagency cooperation between people in Israel and South Africa. It’s just wonderful.”

Photo courtesy of Jarred
Photo courtesy of Jarred

JReady continues to expand its digital platform of resources, from training courses and expert advice to chat forums and more, to help Jewish communities recover post-COVID and support global communities through future emergencies as well.