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Affordable Housing For Those Who Need It Most


We provide the most vulnerable segments of our community a place to call home. With 57 sheltered living complexes throughout Israel, we primarily serve the elderly—many of whom are Holocaust survivors—new immigrants and single-parent families.

A place to live. A community to call their own. A network of support. For the 7,500 elderly Israelis living in Amigour apartment complexes, all this adds up to a life rich with purpose and connection. The Jewish Agency helps make it possible.

Today, there are more than 650,000 Israelis over the age of 65, many of whom live close to the poverty line, unable to purchase their own home. Amigour affordable housing projects are holistic environments that empower our elderly citizens. Residents live independently yet remain connected, thanks to unique cultural and social services that preserve memories and foster joy.

Since 1972, Amigour has served the elderly in this fashion, as well as provided more than 60,000 housing solutions for new immigrants and disadvantaged citizens. The mission is clear: Uplifting those in need helps the entire Jewish community thrive.

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B. was only a child when her father was sent to a concentration camp. She stole food to survive the war and the feeling of helplessness stays with her to this day.

More than 9,000 Holocaust survivors like B. live in Amigour apartments—creating a network of support that is vital to our community. This includes Amigour initiatives like the “Remembrance & Testimonials Project,” where more than 1,000 stories were gathered from survivors and entered into the Yad Vashem Archives for posterity. This is just one of the ways The Jewish Agency helps to preserve our history.

  • Amidst turmoil following rockets hitting apartments, Amigour's staff rushes to both repair property and entertain elderly residents.

  • In a celebration marking the victory day of the Soviet Union over Nazi Germany, Amigour brought together its many residents who also happen to be WWII veterans.

  • Amigour’s dedication to its elderly and vulnerable residents has extended to include building secure rooms and bomb shelters for protection.

  • When rocket fire from Gaza escalated, Amigour facilities were ready with protective measures including extra security, renovations and repairs, and hotel arrangements for the displaced.