COVID-19 Crisis: Bolstering Communities | The Jewish AgencyCOVID-19 Crisis: Bolstering Jewish Communities

Bolstering Jewish Communities (Outside Israel and North America)

during the COVID-19 crisis

Outside Israel, we’re working with global Jewish communities in dire need during the COVID-19 crisis. From funds to buy hygiene products, food and basic supplies to helping promote efforts for remote learning systems and emotional support, we are operating in conjunction with local organizations to offer aid to struggling Jewish families.

Further, The Jewish Agency has launched a $10 million, four-year, interest-free loan fund for Jewish communities on the verge of financial collapse—including those in Italy, France, Brazil, South Africa, and Argentina.

In Ethiopia we’re helping people who are awaiting their Aliyah approval by getting them more than $250K-worth of supplies and food they couldn’t access otherwise; we were even able to get them matzah for the recent Passover holiday. And in Italy, with the support of world Jewry, we quickly sent 75K Euros ($82K) to the Jewish community there, where it is being disbursed to the Jews who need it most.

One Jewish family, who lives in Milan, had been struggling to put food on the table.

The father has not been employed in some time due to a disability but works as an Uber driver when he feels well enough to support his wife and three children. Now in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, he is not even able to drive customers because everything is shut down.

The Jewish Agency has been providing food packages and other essential support to this family, and others like them in Italy and Spain who urgently need assistance.

And importantly, we’re in the field in communities everywhere with our workforce – the Shlichim (Israeli emissaries) – who are working closely with community leaders to support their emergency response efforts and understand specific local needs.

Doing so gives us a global view of where and how The Jewish Agency’s assistance can be most helpful. Further, like many organizations, we’ve gone virtual with great creativity and robust digital programming. Our Shlichim around the world have moved their educational initiatives online, developing interesting content and hosting interactive events via Zoom, as they continue to connect with Jews globally.

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Your support of The Jewish Agency, which is more important now than ever, allows us to have a worldwide impact, even when our activities and movement are restricted due to a pandemic.