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Naale Elite Academy

The World’s Jewish High School

Na’ale allows parents in Jewish communities abroad to register their 10th-grade children for three years of tuition-free Israeli high school, leading to an Israeli matriculation diploma.

Founded in 1992, Naale includes more than 20 participating high schools, both religious and secular. Each year it provides world-class Jewish and Zionist education to many hundreds of motivated Jewish teenagers from around the world. Each year Naale welcomes hundreds of new students from the former Soviet Union, where The Jewish Agency is directly involved in program recruitment. Naale covers room and board, a monthly stipend, fees for extra-curricular activities, home hospitality, and other support services. More than 90% of Naale participants successfully graduate from high school and make Aliyah.

“I’m so appreciative to Naale for allowing Milana and Eric to participate in this program; continuing their education in Israeli schools is a great opportunity and their best road to a bright future,” said Indira, mother of Milana and Eric, two Naale participants from Kazakhstan.

Eric, Indira and Milana | Photo provided by Indira
Eric, Indira and Milana | Photo provided by Indira