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kids learning balloon artistry at summer camp

Connecting Cultures at Summer Camp

Connecting Cultures at Jewish Summer Camps
Our 1,500+ Summer Camp Shlichim (Israeli emissaries) are working hard and bringing a genuine Israeli connection to Jewish summer camps across North America.

Kids learning balloon artistry at camp | Photo: Tamir Lavie
Kids learning balloon artistry at camp | Photo: Tamir Lavie

As summer progresses, Jewish Agency Camp Shlichim continue to bring Israel to life at Jewish camps across North America. Ranging from emissary newcomers to veterans, these 1,500+ Israelis are committed to enhancing the camp experience for the thousands of kids in attendance and are bringing their own unique backgrounds to their positions.

Tal at camp

Tal at camp | Photo provided by Tal

A first-time Shlichah (female Israeli emissary), Tal is serving as a drama counselor at a new camp, Camp Kimama Half Moon in the Berkshires of Massachusetts, for campers ages 7-17. A musician, songwriter and mermaid (yes, she’s got a tail and everything), Tal’s excited to be forging her own role at the camp and even doing some mermaid activities with the campers.

“My mom worked for The Jewish Agency in Israel and helped with Aliyah operations from Ethiopia in the 70s, so when The Jewish Agency reached out to me about being a Shlichah, I jumped at the chance. I love kids and want to show them the power of being yourself,” said Tal.

Ron, from Hod Hasharon in the Central District of Israel, is serving as a camp counselor at URJ 6 Points Sports Academy, a premier Jewish sports camp in Greensboro, North Carolina. It’s her first time as a summer camp Shlichah and she’s loving the experience so far.

“My sister had a really good experience 12 years ago when she was a Shlichah so ever since then, I wanted to do it too. And after four years of service in the Israeli military, I felt that I wanted to keep contributing in a meaningful way involving Israel and Judaism,” Ron explained. “Camp Shlichim bring to camp an authentic Israeli vibe which is really exciting.”

tamir at camp

Tamir at camp | Photo provided by Tamir

Tamir, a full-time balloon artist in Israel from Givatayim, a city near Tel Aviv, is a Rosh Edah (grade unit head) at URJ 6 Points Sci-Tech Academy camp outside of Boston, Massachusetts. It’s his second summer at the camp as a Shaliach; last year, he was a counselor in addition to being a balloon artist specialist.

“I always dreamed of being a camp Shaliach, I thought it would be an amazing experience because we get to connect cultures,” shared Tamir. “We bring Israel to America and get to explore and educate each other about our similarities and differences. By having me here, I’m opening the kids’ minds to different religious streams — and they’re doing the same for me.”


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