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The Jewish Agency is celebrating Israel’s 75th Independence Day with Jewish communities around the world. Join us!


Connecting Jewish communities around the world in Israel and abroad

  • Hosting hundreds of delegations in Israel – Hundreds of delegations will come to Israel from dozens of countries, bringing thousands of participants to take part in one of our experience programs.
  • Delegations to Jewish communities abroad
  • Connect with Israeli Society – The Jewish Agency will open its facilities to the general public during the week of Independence Day.


Create content for various events/meetings around Israel’s 75th Independence Day across the Jewish world

Connect - Content and Activities

Voices Together

Join the celebration with YOUR VOICE! We are producing a song with Sha’anan Streett, the frontman of Hadag Nahash, one of Israel’s most popular and influential hip-hop bands. And we’re inviting everyone to help write the lyrics by sharing what Israel at 75 means to you, HERE.

A digital educational activity kit for our emissaries


Every community, organization, group of friends and family all over the world will be able to celebrate Israel’s 75th Independence Day.

We invite every Jewish community – regardless of its size or location – to participate and celebrate in 75 events in Israel and 75 events abroad in various ways:

  • The beacons-lighting ceremony that marks the opening of Israel’s 75th Independence Day celebrations
  • The Bible Quiz
  • 75 Events Oversees

STAY TUNED — many more resources coming soon!

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