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P2G Fellowship

Bringing the American Jewish experience to Israel

P2G Fellowship is a new program designed for either high school or college graduates to have a meaningful and individualized experience volunteering and interning in their partner community in Israel. The program allows participants to bring their American Jewish identity to Israel by educating Israelis about Jewish life outside of the Jewish State.

Participants will have the opportunity to either be part of a group or on their own in an apartment and will immerse themselves in Israeli culture by volunteering, learning Hebrew, and traveling. The P2G Fellowship is recognized by Masa Israel Journey and operates under Masa’s guidelines.

“I’m really enjoying bringing the American perspective and reality to life for my students. I recently talked to them about antisemitism in the U.S. and they were shocked about what goes on outside of Israel. I definitely feel like I’m making an impact and acting as an ambassador, bridging the gap between American Jews and Israelis.” — Zoe, an Atlantan teen, serving in her Partnership2Gether paired city of Yokneam.

Image provided by Zoe
Image provided by Zoe