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Academic and Hebrew Preparation for Young Olim from the FSU

An acronym of the Hebrew words “students before their parents,” Selah is a 10-month academic and army preparatory course and Aliyah program for recent high school graduates from the former Soviet Union (FSU) who immigrate to Israel on their own or prior to their parents.

The program, which aims to prepare its young participants for university studies and independent life in Israel, serves around 150-400 young adults aged 17-19 each year, in cooperation with Masa Israel Journey. Selah operates in two locations: the Nitzana Educational Community in the Western Negev and at the Jewish Agency’s absorption center in Karmiel.

“After visiting Israel twice, I felt so strongly that this country was a part of me, that it was forever in my heart. Here in Israel, I feel I am where I’m meant to be. I am home.” – Moshe, a Selah alumnus.

Moshe in Israel | Photo: The Jewish Agency
Moshe in Israel | Photo: The Jewish Agency

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