Young Israeli Emissaries Vote in Israeli Elections

Young Israeli Emissaries Vote in Israeli Elections
For Shlichim (Israeli emissaries) serving in Jewish communities around the world, voting in the Israeli elections was still an important responsibility, even if they are not presently in their home country.

Fortunately, these emissaries were able to vote ahead of the Israel election on Tuesday, September 17. About 500 Jewish Agency delegates and emissaries, serving in Jewish communities globally voted in 39 overseas polls from Wellington, New Zealand to Los Angeles, California.
Chairman Herzog voting with the ShinShinim in Toronto
Ronen Kedem

For 18-year-olds Yael and Ravid, ShinShinim (service-year Shlichim) living in Toronto for the year, it was their first time voting ever.

“I think it’s our duty as citizens to vote. I love Israel and care about it deeply and I know getting to vote while I’m here shouldn’t be taken for granted,” said Yael. “People who live here don’t get to vote, and I was fortunate enough to be getting this special opportunity, so I knew I had to use it wisely and I’m very grateful.”

For Ravid, he knew before leaving Israel that he’d get to vote while serving as a ShinShin and was looking forward to the unique experience. He and his fellow ShinShinim cast their ballots at the Israeli Consulate in Toronto.
“It was very exciting for me, especially because I got to vote right at the age of 18, which is the age when you can vote in Israel. I was very lucky,” shared Ravid. “ Voting is so important because this is how you can bring about real change. It gave me an equal opportunity to have my voice be heard.”

The right to vote is a civic duty, a privilege that we must fulfill as part of Israel’s democratic process.

A select group of outstanding emissaries, The Jewish Agency for Israel's Shlichim are called to manifest our collective heritage in communities around the world. They provide a living connection to Israel by promoting Israeli experiences, facilitating Jewish social activism, and speaking authentically about faith and culture.

Among the ShinShinim voting at the Israeli Consulate in Toronto was also Jewish Agency Chairman of the Executive Isaac “Bougie” Herzog.

“The right to vote is a civic duty, a privilege that we must fulfill as part of Israel’s democratic process,” said Herzog. “I had the honor of voting alongside our wonderful ShinShinim in Toronto, who were exercising their right to vote for the very first time. They were very excited to cast their ballots, and I was thrilled to be there voting with them.”

“Of so many Israelis who are living outside of Israel, we had the opportunity to vote and take part in this election,” added Ravid. “It made me feel that even though I am not present in Israel right now, in the short-term, I am still connected to it and influencing it. And the results of these elections will have long-term effects. It was a very empowering experience.”

2018 Impact

113 Gap Year Israeli emissaries served in more than 24 Jewish communities around the world, spreading a love of Israel, Hebrew language and pride in Jewish identity to nearly 34,000 people.