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2018 Performance Report – Letter from Our Leadership

A Letter from Our Leadership

Every one of us, together

In the aftermath of the Balfour Declaration, the League of Nations mandated in 1922 that a “Jewish agency” be created to represent Jewish interests. The primary goal was to fill the greatest need of the Jewish people at the time: securing a national homeland of our own. We succeeded. Then, and in every generation since, The Jewish Agency for Israel has addressed our most pressing needs. Today, along with our focus on Aliyah, we are better positioned than ever to work with Jewish communities throughout the globe to take on the urgent challenges of bridging the Israel-Diaspora divide, strengthening identity and fighting anti-Semitism.

The task at hand is not trivial, yet 2018 brought new momentum to The Jewish Agency that has pushed us forward to lead the Jewish people to safer shores, to stronger communities and to a greater peoplehood.

Last year brought new leadership and a new spirit to The Jewish Agency. We are determined to harness these new energies to collaborate even more closely with Jewish communities. We are working together, global Jews and Israelis as one, to help build a better and more united nation for all the Jewish people. This is our way forward. This is how we will reach our destiny – together.

Throughout the globe we all experienced a shocking rise in anti-Semitism. Record numbers of hate crimes directed at Jews were logged in far too many countries, from France to Venezuela to Poland, and the deadliest attack on the Jewish community in the history of the United States, in Pittsburgh. We see this horrific trend continuing in Poway this year. The Jewish Agency has the experience and network needed to respond to urgent issues facing the Jewish people. We are determined to crush this dangerous wave, working with global figures and community leaders to ensure Jews can live freely, openly and without fear.

Israel remains at the heart of our work, as it is the heart of our people. We bring Jews to Israel and Israel to world Jewry, connecting our people through vibrant cultural, educational and humanitarian experiences. Our programs work to strengthen Israel, its underserved populations, and its future leadership.

We strive to ensure every Jew, in their choice of expression, feels part of the Jewish story and develops a deeper connection to Israel. Our goal is to make sure that all Jews, everywhere around the world, remain united – every one of us, together.

Isaac Herzog & Michael D. Siegal