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Your Aliyah Stages

  • 1. Aliyah primary questionnaire

    The first step in making Aliyah to Israel is our online questionnaire. This questionnaire will help us to better understand your status, and how we can assist you in making Aliyah.

  • 2. Aliyah 'account manager' call

    Once you have completed your questionnaire online, we will assign you a personal account manager who will contact you within 2 business days. They will review your submitted details and briefly prepare you for the following stages. You can also contact us anytime at the Global Center.

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  • 3. Online file opening

    Your account manager will send you a link to your portal, to open your Aliyah file. You will have to fill in your personal details and your family's, and upload the requested documents. You will have also to pay the nonrefundable file fees. Once done, your account manager will verify the file, and if completed, an Aliyah interview will be scheduled.

  • 4. Aliyah Interview

    A Jewish Agency representative will conduct a personal interview with you and your family members. This interview aims to understand your needs and expectations and to better help and advise you in your Aliyah process. During the interview, you will have to present all the original documents you have already uploaded.

  • 5. Eligibility approval

    Your case will be reviewed by our eligibility staff. If your file is validated, you will receive an email with the eligibility approval. Please consider that you may have to supply additional information or documentation.

  • 6. Aliyah finalization step

    At this stage, we will take care of the final preparations for your Aliyah: visa (if necessary), and flight tickets (if eligible), and we will update the Israeli Authorities of your arrival.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is eligibility for Aliyah determined?

Eligibility for Aliyah is determined by the Israeli Law of Return. The Law of Return is a civil law which sets the criteria allowing Jews and their families to immigrate to Israel. If you fit the criteria, you may be eligible for Aliyah.


Law of Return, 1950*

1. Every Jew has the right to immigrate to Israel.

2. (a) Immigration will be based on an immigrant visa.
(b) An immigrant visa will be granted to any Jew who has expressed his desire to settle in Israel, except if the Minister of the Interior is present that the applicant –
1) acts against the Jewish people; or
(2) may endanger public health or state security; or
(3) Has a criminal record that may endanger public peace.

3. (a) A Jew who came to Israel and after his arrival expressed his desire to settle there, may, while in Israel, receive an immigrant certificate.

(b) The express stipulations in section 2(b) will also apply to the issuance of an immigrant certificate, except that a person will not be considered a public health hazard due to an illness contracted after coming to Israel.

4. Every Jew who immigrated to the Land before the entry into force of this law, and every Jew who was born in the Land either before the entry into force of this law or after it, those who immigrated according to this law will be judged according to law.

4a. (a) The rights of a Jew according to this law and the rights of an immigrant according to the Citizenship Law, 1952, as well as the rights of an immigrant according to any other legislation, are also granted to the child and grandchild of a Jew, the spouse of a Jew, and the spouse of a child and grandchild of a Jew; to exclude a person who was Jewish and converted voluntarily.
(b) There is no issue of whether a Jew on whose authority a right is claimed according to subsection (a) is still alive or not and whether he immigrated to Israel or not.
(c) The stipulations and conditions established regarding a Jew or an immigrant in this law or pursuant to it or in the enactments as stated in subsection (a), shall also apply to those who claim a right according to subsection (a).

4b. For the purposes of this law, a “Jew” is someone who is born to a Jewish mother or who converts and is not a member of another religion.

5. The Minister of the Interior is in charge of the implementation of this law, and he is entitled to establish regulations regarding its implementation as well as the granting of immigrant visas and immigrant certificates to minors up to the age of 18.

What documents are required to apply for Aliyah?

The Aliyah application process is an official process for requesting Israeli nationality. Therefore, you will need to present legalized original documentation, including birth certificate, family status documents, criminal background check, valid passport, and proof of your connection to Judaism. Additional documents may be required.

Which documents are proof of my connection to Judaism?

To prove your connection to Judaism you must present a letter written by an affiliated rabbi of an affiliated Jewish Community. Additional documents may be required.

How long does the process take from opening a file until the actual Aliyah flight?

The process usually takes between 3 to 6 months, depending largely on your ability to supply all the requested documents and on the necessity to supply additional documents or information.

Should I make Aliyah from within Israel or from my country of residence?

This is a personal decision. In either case, you will need to supply the same documentation and you will be entitled to the same benefits. The difference between the two processes is the right for a free flight to Israel. In the process from outside of Israel, the Jewish Agency pays for the ticket and extra baggage.

If you decide to do the process abroad, you will apply through the Jewish Agency. If you decide to do it in Israel, you will apply directly through the Population and Immigration Authority. In some cases, the Jewish Agency can assist in the process of Aliyah from within Israel.

Can I receive Israeli citizenship without coming to Israel?


How long do I have to stay in Israel after my Aliyah?

While intent to live in Israel is an integral part of the Law of Return, there is no limitation on going in and out of the country after your Aliyah. However, some of your Aliyah benefits may be affected.

During the first 3 months of your Aliyah you may use a passport from your country of origin, along with a document from the Population and Immigration Authority to travel. After that period, you will need an Israeli passport to travel in and out of Israel.

As a new immigrant, will I be covered by Israeli health insurance?

Every new immigrant is covered, by law, by national health insurance. You will have to choose a health fund, and you will be covered from the day of registration. Health insurance fees are set according to your income. There is a co-payment for approved medications. National health insurance does not cover dental treatment or eyeglasses, although these may be subsidized by your health fund.

Do I have any rights and benefits as a new immigrant?


1. Aliyah flight and baggage allowance

Your Aliyah flight with additional baggage allowance is paid by the Jewish Agency.

2. Aliyah and integration benefits
The rights and benefits for new Olim (immigrants) are mostly administered by the Ministry of Aliyah and Integration. You will meet their representative upon your arrival in Israel, or by setting an appointment with them after you make Aliyah from within Israel. For official information please see the Ministry of Aliyah and Integration website.

3. Taxation
New immigrants are entitled to certain benefits in their tax payments. The main benefits for new immigrants who became citizens since January 1st 2007 and onwards are as follows:

  • 10 years exemption from tax paying on foreign-source income (i.e., income derived outside of Israel).
  • 10 years exemption from declaring on foreign-source income which are exempted.
  • 10 years exclusion from definition as an Israeli company resident – for a company established abroad and owned by an “Oleh” or a “Senior Returning Resident”.
  • Option to be considered a foreign resident for taxation purposes, for one year from arrival.3.5 (if you made Aliyah before 2022) or 4,5 years (if you made Aliyah after 2022) of entitlement to tax credits, with options of extension.

Check here for official information: Tax break package for new immigrants and returning residents | Israel Tax Authority (

It is highly recommended to discuss your finances with a finance professional in order to fully understand and maximize this benefit.

4. Shipping and customs

  • In the three years after Aliyah, an Oleh can send up to three shipments to Israel without paying the customs tax upon their release.
  • The goods should be for personal use only.
  • Olim pay the full cost of shipping.
  • During the three years after Aliyah, an Oleh is entitled to buy a car with a reduced tax payment. In order to be eligible for this benefit, the Oleh must hold a permanent driver’s license from his country of origin before Aliyah and a valid Israeli driver’s license. The benefit is only valid for a new vehicle or for the purchase of a used vehicle that another Oleh bought with this benefit.Check here for official information: A Guide to Rights of Olim (New Immigrants) | Israel Tax Authority (

5. Housing assistance
Rental assistance starts from the eighth month after Aliyah. The eligibility period is up to five years. The level of assistance is determined according to marital status and number of years residing in Israel.

Olim receives up to 90% reduction of their Arnona (municipality tax). The reduction is for up to 100 square meters of the apartment. Available for 12 months, during one of the first two years after Aliyah.

First-time homebuyers are eligible for assistance in the form of a mortgage for a limited sum with a subsidized interest rate within 15 years of Aliyah date.
An Oleh is entitled to a discount on the payment of property tax for a property purchased in Israel in the period between one year before Aliyah and seven years after.

Will I have to serve in the Israeli army?

The right and obligation to serve in the IDF, as well as the length of your service, are linked to your age at the time of arrival Israel, and your family status at the time of induction. The IDF is the sole authority regarding eligibility or exemption from service. We recommend you to be directly in touch with them, even before your Aliyah.

Look at their site for more accurate information