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Connecting Jewish Communities Around the World


Join us for a Global virtual event that will shed light on the lives of Jewish LGBTQ members and organizations in their communities.


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Partnership2Gether (P2G) Global Network, is a network for the promotion, empowerment and development of deep connections, which strengthens Jewish communities in Israel and worldwide by creating revitalized, ongoing and meaningful engagement based on mutual endeavor and shared Jewish identity.

IMPACT. 165 Jewish and Israeli communities in 40 city-to-city and region-to-region Partnerships, engaging thousands of participants each year in meaningful, ongoing connections between Israelis and Jews from around the world.

UNIQUENESS. Each Partnership is led by a joint steering committee, comprised of volunteers in both communities dedicated to the creation of ongoing, fruitful, bilateral engagement: unique programs and one[1]on-one encounters based on mutual endeavor, and shared Jewish identity.


What does it mean to be part of a global Jewish community? It’s a question that can be answered a million different ways. P2G is a way to bridge the gap of understanding and bring us together in the spirit of our faith. It not only creates deep interpersonal relationships that transcend location, but it also celebrates our rich heritage, our differences, and the culture that unites us all.

Partnership2Gether connects 300 Jewish communities around the world in 43 partnerships. Each partnership provides opportunities for communities to connect, and for interpersonal relationships to flourish. Through hands-on projects and personal interactions that engage thousands of Israelis and Jews each year, individuals and communities across the world learn from one another and experience the enriching reciprocal benefits of being part of the global Jewish family.

A multi-city partnership celebrates 25 years:

  • A new Partnership2Gether initiative, P2G Fellows, is sending young American Jews, like Benny and Jasmine, to their hometowns’ paired P2G communities in Israel to serve as emissaries and help Israelis connect with world Jewry.

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  • For Hanna Bachar, current co-chair of the Yoav-Lehigh Valley Partnership2Gether pairing, and her daughter Shai, a Jewish Agency Israeli emissary, involvement in The Jewish Agency and Partnership2Gether is a family affair.

  • A new Partnership2Gether global partnership is bringing together LGBTQ organizations to learn, share and collaborate in order to further connect the diverse members of our worldwide Jewish community and make it more inclusive to LGBTQ Jews.

  • A 35-mile trail through three Jewish cities and two Arab towns in Israel brings people together and fosters connections.