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Youth Villages

Homes and Services for At-Risk Youth

Youth Villages

With distinct programs to help young people coping with severe emotional, behavioral, and familial challenges, The Jewish Agency for Israel's Youth Villages are invaluable facilities that provide much-needed intervention and healing.

One of the most pressing social problems facing Israel today is the sharp increase in the number of youth at risk. Through therapeutic intervention and a holistic, multi-disciplinary educational approach, The Jewish Agency's Youth Villages help these kids get back on track.

In a boarding school-like setting, trained professionals create a positive, growth-based environment where individuals can heal and flourish. Customized intervention programs, intensive mentoring, and a variety of enrichment activities all go a long way to help these kids overcome their barriers to become service-minded citizens. Many go on to finish high school and enter the Israeli army with their peers—but in the long term, alumni receive ongoing services to keep them invested in their futures as valued members of Israeli society.

“I am here as a group educator, and this role gives me all the options and tools to choose a better life,” says Tamer Abu Jafar, a Bedouin alumnus and now staff member at the Neve Midbar Youth Village in Nitzana. “My vision is to help build a generation that creates and doesn't just consume; a generation that benefits society and does not burden society.” Tamer recently received the Israeli President’s Award for Volunteering.