2018 Performance Report – Uniting as Jews to do Good

Uniting as Jews to do Good
A donor’s journey to champion a way for young Jews to come together in service and tradition to make the world a better place.

With Jews from around the world distancing themselves from Israel, and Israelis not understanding the Jewish Diaspora mindset, one thing that can bring them together is an amazing cultural experience.

Project TEN is a service-learning program that takes place in Israel and developing regions around the world, in which volunteers participate in an integrated curriculum focusing on Jewish values and community, and engage in a global dialogue on Jewish identity with their peers.

Volunteers work on humanitarian projects that promote education, public health and agriculture, while learning more about international development and local and Jewish culture and identity. There are Project TEN centers in Mexico, Israel, South Africa, Ghana, and Uganda, and plans to open new centers in Puerto Rico, Greece and more locations in Israel within the year.

Through mentoring a young generation of volunteers, Martine has personally witnessed how Jewish people from all corners of the world are connected by their very identity of being Jewish. One of her most poignant memories is from a Friday night in Israel as the sun set. Sitting in a circle, volunteers shared what Shabbat meant to them.

One American spoke about the religious aspect of the day, while another shared that the Sabbath was about lighting candles before going out to dinner as a family. An Israeli participant shared that he spends Saturdays at a beach in Tel Aviv as his day of rest after work-filled weekdays.

By working alongside volunteers, Martine has seen firsthand how Project TEN strengthens the Jewish nation and our connection to and understanding of each other, while allowing us to do our part to make the world a better place through Tikkun Olam (repairing the world).

2018 Impact

92 Israel Fellows engaged with 13,800 Jewish students and attracted 46,000 students to Israel-related events on campuses around the world.


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