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Absorption Services for Young Adult Immigrants

Providing residential absorption and Ulpan programs to help young adult immigrants acclimate to Israeli society

While The Jewish Agency assists all Jews in Aliyah, our efforts focus on young adults aged 18-35, who often have educations valuable to Israel, and make Aliyah at a time when it is easier to learn Hebrew, make friends and establish careers. Each year our absorption programs for this age group provide a “soft landing” for several thousand young people.

Our variety of residential absorption programs for this group offer guidance on joining Israeli universities, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and the workforce, as well as Hebrew ulpan and activities that help them acclimate to Israeli society:

Ulpan Etzion: Founded in 1949, Ulpan Etzion offers five months of intensive Hebrew study for olim from all over the world who hold college degrees. In a typical program year, Ulpan Etzion provides Hebrew-language study and accommodation to around 1,600 immigrant men and women aged 22-35, from more than 30 countries. Campuses are located in Jerusalem, Haifa, Raanana (where an Etzion Plus program provides an optional additional three months of residency), Ramle, Be’er Sheva and Kibbutz Tzuba.

Beit Brodetsky is designed for young new immigrants aged 21-31 who have completed high school and intend to continue to further education in Israel.  Located in Tel Aviv, it is a five-month-long, residential immersion in Israeli culture and the Hebrew language that serves around 500 olim each year.

Ulpan Kinneret is located in Tiberias and serves immigrants aged 18-30 who hold high school diplomas and plan to continue on to IDF service or to find employment.

Kibbutz Ulpan: Intensive Hebrew Work-Study for Young Olim is an Aliyah and absorption program that provides intensive Hebrew study to recent immigrants who live in a residential kibbutz setting. Annually, the program serves around 500 young adults aged 18 to 28 on kibbutzim across Israel. At Kibbutz Tzuba the program is open exclusively to college graduates and offers Hebrew courses based on the Ulpan Etzion model.

TAKA: Hebrew Language and Pre-Academic Study for Young Olim programs combine ulpan studies with pre-academic preparatory courses for dozens of immigrants who wish to study in one of Israel’s institutions of higher education. The program is currently offered at Ashkelon College, Jerusalem’s Azrieli College, and Tel Aviv University.

First Home in the Homeland is a kibbutz-based Aliyah and absorption program for new immigrant families, which provides an immersive residential setting in Israel’s priority regions in the Negev and the Galilee. Olim are carefully matched with one of 35 participating kibbutzim in 10 regional council areas; the program serves several hundred olim each year.

Tech & The City: Residential Ulpan for Young High-Tech Professionals is a five-month absorption program geared specifically toward young, motivated high-tech students and professionals with academic degrees. It includes an entrepreneurship course at the Technion to prepare participants to join Israel’s high-tech employment market; Hebrew ulpan; housing in apartments near the Technion; and more. This program serves approximately 60 new olim each year.

Hechven: Guidance, Advice, and Support Center for New Olim provides group and individual services to young immigrants prior to completion of their ulpan programs and as they start their independent lives including an opportunity through the “Big Brother” Association to be paired with another young immigrant who has successfully integrated into Israeli society.

Israel Tech Challenge (ITC), founded in 2014 by The Jewish Agency, the National Cyber Bureau of Israel, and industry partners, provides participants from Israel and around the world with intensive and elite code training programs, followed by company projects and placement opportunities in Israel’s top high-tech companies, along with strong networking in the Israeli tech community.

Garin Tzabar provides “instant family for IDF recruits” in partnership with the Israel Scouts movement. It builds groups of Diaspora Jews and Israelis who have been living abroad from a young age and have chosen to move to Israel and serve in the IDF. Each year, several hundred young people make Aliyah through Garin Tzabar.

Wings: Services and Continuing Support for Lone Soldiers provides a continuum of services for the hundreds of young men and women each year who join the IDF as “lone soldiers” – immigrants who do not have close family members in Israel with whom they can stay on the weekends or who can provide guidance.

Nativ: Jewish Heritage Education for Immigrant Soldiers works to ensure that every soldier in the IDF understands his or her critical role in the Jewish story. Each year, thousands of soldiers from all over the world, but predominantly those who are immigrants from the former Soviet Union, undergo grueling physical training and dutifully defend their country, but are nevertheless not considered Jewish according to Jewish law in Israel. With the help of the Nativ course, thousands of these soldiers can take time during their army years to discover their roots while deepening their commitment to the Jewish people, Israel, and the IDF.