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On the Ground, Supporting Ukraine's Jews

Rescuing and Protecting the Jews of Ukraine Amid War

As the greatest European conflict since the second world war rages on in Ukraine, The Jewish Agency is actively saving and protecting Ukraine’s Jews.

On February 24, 2022, Russia attacked a number of Ukrainian cities from the air and Russian ground forces infiltrated Ukrainian territory on several fronts. The war remains ongoing, killing hundreds of civilians and displacing millions as Ukrainians flee for their lives.

Since the onset of the war, The Jewish Agency has been on the frontlines, saving the Jews of Ukraine, with workers on the ground, many of whom are actually risking their lives to rescue the nation’s Jewish community. As others are rushing out, we are rushing in to help the nearly 200,000 Jews in Ukraine. For those who wish to immigrate, we are doing everything in our power to quickly facilitate that process. And for those Jews who wish to remain in Ukraine, we are investing in their community’s security to make them as safe as possible during the most difficult and dangerous days of their lives.

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Thank you to our partners, the Jewish Federations of North America, Keren Hayesod, International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, Genesis Philanthropy Group and Israel’s ministries, as well as donors around the world, whose support makes our actions possible.



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Elena Severinceva, a Ukrainian refugee at The Jewish Agency's Bucharest center, speaks about her experience: